Origins August 2nd through the 26th, 2018 Reception August 4th 7 to 9 pm


THEME   Origins,  As we wrestled with the thorny issues of migration, immigration and national displacement one common thread unites us, we all came from somewhere else. Do you have a story of your family’s Journey to America that you would like to share? Gallery Z wants to present your story in this visual, literary and performing arts exhibition, All media, 2D/3D & Written or Performed Stories.

Note: throughout this exhibition your work will be seen during these events, dinner theater production 8/23 – 8/26, Downtown Lowell First Thursday event 8/2,  Film night showing of Golden Door 8/11, Open Mic Night 8/17 and The Spoken word a presentation of your stories date to be announced.

prospectus-origins 1