Katrina Fedukowski

With digital fractal art I explore and create dreamscapes and abstract compositions alike. Although I’ve seriously pursued art for the last decade, I got into IFS (iterated function set) fractaling about 5 years ago, aided by programs called Apophysis and Chaotica. I find I integrate my abstract painting style when creating, which compels me to eschew traditional hard-edged mathematical symmetry in favor of a more instinctual creative process that focuses on abstract beauty through organic textures and forms as might appear in nature – sometimes soft and sweeping, sometimes chaotic, very often defined first by color and then by chiaroscuro. But because I sometimes revisit my roots and do something highly structured, or partially structured, I like to think of my fractals as being in an “open style” – neither structured nor unstructured, but somewhere in between.

What I always hope to create are pieces that evoke wonder and lend serene pause.

Katrina Fedukowski, Digital Fractal Artist
email: kfedukowski@gmail.com
online gallery: katdesignstudio.deviantart.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katdesignstudio/

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