Frances Killam

Frances Killam
BFA, University of North Texas
MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art

I am an artist living and working in Chelmsford, MA. My original art training was in metalsmithing and jewelry design. Although I still make jewelry, in 2013 I took a bookmaking class in which we learned monoprinting to create material for the pages of our books. I have never made another book, but I was thrilled with the monoprint process which is now my primary mode of expression.

I print using a plate I make with gelatin. My current plate is fairly large, 20″x30″, allowing me to work in a variety of scale. I love the immediacy, the bold use of color, and the challenge to balance control with intuition. Using color, texture, and composition, I strive to create abstract images that are intriguing and harmonious to the viewer.

More about the monoprint process:

Monoprints are sometimes referred to as the “painterly” print, since the monoprint process can be similar to painting. Instead of painting on canvas, the paint image is created on a smooth plate. Paper is applied to the plate with pressure. When the paper is lifted, the paint image adheres to the paper. The paint can only be transferred to the paper once, creating a single result—a “mono” print. A second print may be attempted from the same plate using the leftover paint, but the resulting image is lighter and quite different in detail. This secondary print is called a “ghost” print.

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