Art Ferrier



A native of Lowell, Art Ferrier has been a serious fine art and commercial photographer since the late 1970’s.  His work has won numerous awards and has appeared in galleries throughout the northeastern United States, as well as in Hamburg and Florence.

For over 35 years Art has been creating strong, vivid images from the world as he sees it.  Whether he is photographing the canyons of the American West, the streets of Hamburg, Venice and Paris or a collection of electric guitars, the true subjects of his work are light, color and geometry.  Inspired mainly by painters, from Hopper to Rothko, Art Ferrier seeks to open people’s eyes and minds to the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the profound beauty that lies all around us if we take the time to look closely.

Art currently lives in Nashua, NH and operates his photography business out of Studio #503 at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell.

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