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“Deplorables” by Peter Kalabokis (Oct. 6th-Nov. 8th)

A message from the Director:
To all our friends, thank you for your support especially in these extraordinarily troubling times and I want you all to know how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity.   I am writing  here today to put context behind the exhibition now featured in our gallery. 

Here at Galery Z we have always strived to make this a welcoming space for everyone who enters. Through the years we have had exhibitions touching on a range of subjects, but never one more in the spirit of our times than this one.

The “Z” in Gallery Z stands for “Zeitgeist” meaning “in the spirit of the times” and this show is certainly in the spirit of our times. We are doing what art galleries do, giving artists a voice and a place where they can showcase their work.

In this exhibition there are 22 illustrations, some light hearted while others express a deep sadness of the past 4 years. Unapologetically and in the spirit of our times I am pleased to present Deplorables, works by Peter Kalabokis. 

We invite and welcome all to come in and view the art during our hours of operation Wed, –  Sun. from 9am to 4pm

This exhibition like all our future shows can be viewed virtually on our website! AND by following the link to our online store you can purchase your very own piece! (SEE BELOW)

Due to covid we will not be hosting artist receptions until we are back to normal.

Thank you again for your support,
Patty D of Gallery Z


All art purchased will be available for pick-up at Gallery Z on the closing day of the show (NOV 8th, 2020).

If you would like an item shipped to you please contact the artist (PETER KALABOKIS) at:


  • "From Russia With Love #2"
    "From Russia With Love #2"
  • "Go Back To Your Country!"
    "Go Back To Your Country!"
  • "Some Very Fine People"
    "Some Very Fine People"
  • "It'll All Dissappear"
    "It'll All Dissappear"
  • "Virtual Nobody"
    "Virtual Nobody"
  • "A New Inspiration"
    "A New Inspiration"
  • "Cheeto Jesus"
    "Cheeto Jesus"
  • "Where is Your God Now?"
    "Where is Your God Now?"
  • "The Attraction"
    "The Attraction"
  • "The Collateral Damage to Hate"
    "The Collateral Damage to Hate"
  • "Proud Boy"
    "Proud Boy"
  • "Mango Mussolini Golfs"
    "Mango Mussolini Golfs"
  • "The Full Respect of the Office"
    "The Full Respect of the Office"
  • "Vote!"
  • "Mail Bonding"
    "Mail Bonding"
  • "The Drought"
    "The Drought"
  • "Defiance"
  • "Daily Processes"
    "Daily Processes"
  • "The Message"
    "The Message"
  • Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 1.46.30 PM
    Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 1.46.30 PM
  • "Enlightenment"
  • "The Anticipation"
    "The Anticipation"

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Gallery Z Cafe´& Espresso Bar

Great coffee and a wonderful atmosphere are what you can expect at Gallery Z. Sunday Brunch every Sunday. Please see our Cafe’ page for details on hours and menu.

At Gallery Z, you’ll Find Live Music, Fine Art, and Theatre

With a fresh perspective and a vision to combine the visual and performing arts, we expanded our physical space.  By 2016 we realized our goal and began our concert series bringing in musicians, and in 2017 we added an Acoustic Open Mic night and theatre performances in partnership with Balefire Productions.

Our first Open Mic night with Arthur, hosting and jamming with Amy, George and Will. 

Artist Co-Operative

In November of 2015, Gallery Z began picking up where the Zeitgeist left off, with our first exhibition “Celebrate” works by Donna Howard.  Our artist cooperative offers a variety of styles and media from sculpture to photography, form realism to abstract.

Isn’t It About Time You Stopped In?

Gallery Z has something for everyone. Patty is a generous host and I can’t say enough about the great coffee and hospitality. Some of the best art I’ve seen anywhere.

- Robert Hasan


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